Vision & Mission

MetaRunes Vision & Mission


Established in 2021, with six core-members, it's been a long and exciting journey to where we are today. And we're delighted to create Gaia, a true AI economic model that we believe games are an integral part of human life. We can discover the hidden abilities of individuals, groups and societies that are limited or impossible in real life by games. It's imagination in adventure games, quick thinking and processing in action games, interaction and teamwork in online games, etc. The emergence of Blockchain Technology has taken the game to a new level, and Blockchain can help traditional games do things that they could not do before by its outstanding features such as decentralized, security, transparency, and freedom.
For these reasons, we decided to apply Gaia to MetaRunes GameFi. Today, MetaRunes will be the very latest one to make it fly higher in the future, very higher. This is MetaRunes. ‌


The mission of ABestClub is not just to create a GameFi game, but a Metaverse-ecology that links Cryptocurrency owners with the ABestClub ecosystems. To do this, ABestClub must do two things, including:
  1. 1.
    The AI Economic System of sustainable economy - Gaia.
  2. 2.
    Players must connect and interact like micro-societies in the game. ABestClub will support a platform of Blockchain-based to make it transparent and convenient.