The Team

Our team is mainly young members, full of longing for the future, unlimited thoughts and passion for the Metaverse.

ABestClub is a Blockchain Team and is very optimistic about the future of Blockchain Team. Founded in early 2021, the studio has years of experience in Cryptocurrency. Now, team members have 20 people, all with years of background in related and gaming industry.

Team founder information:


He has 2 years of experience in Cryptocurrency, after more than 5 years in the gaming and the mobile Internet industry. He saw the GIFI's future at the start and agreed that the form of GIFI 2.0 is a real-virtual world with a gameplay.
  • Great insights into product design and user experience, and have many different and magical views of the Metaverse.

CTO - Raifi Santos

The founder of the "GAIA" ecosystem, an AI economic system. He is a senior software architect, multilingual and has won awards for the most contributions in the GIT community competition.
  • Ph.D. student at the University of Melbourne and Head of the Australian Cryptocurrency.

CMO - Regina Sunshiny

Regina Sunshiny has previously worked for a number of well-known large corporations, offering social media marketing solutions and user-community growth programs to several exchanges with great success. Now she's in a CMO position at ABestClub.

Technical Lea - Solomon Grundy , Jeffrey Musk

The head of the technology department, they have Google's backstage development and design experience for 8 years. Includes 2-year protocol composition of Cryptocurrency and system security. Have a unique understanding of Blockchain and bring new technology compositions.

Art Director - Yuna

A postgraduate of the Royal College of Art, she has held a solo art exhibition, "Born and Death". She worked in art for Cryptocurrency for many years, before working as an art director for a large NFT company. Now she join ABestClub's team….