New Century, New World

MetaRunes Worldview

AI-based Metaverse platform. A self-evolving economic model system that we named Gaia. MetaRunes is our 1st P2E GameFi based on Gaia.
The world began in a state of chaos, when there were no continents.The Elder Gods use the impact force of four runes to create a new world-MetaRune. Respectively Fire Rune, Water Rune, Wind Rune and Earth Runes. Fire Runes bring temperature and sunlight, Water Runes bring ocean and life, Wind Runes bring seasons and air, and Earth Runes bring continents and gravitation. Since then, the continent has slowly begun to grow alive, and these four-elemental runes have disappeared... “Rune Calendar 2000” by Professor Otto Cola.
So What's the MetaRunes?
MetaRunes is a blockchain game released by ABestClub. It's suitable for the ABestClub ecosystem and has the concept of Metaverse. All concepts in the MetaRunes can be meta-based and can be understood to be a real world. You can choose to be an explorer and fight monsters to get rich trophies. Or you can rent a booth as a businessman to earn money from explorers and a vagrant. You can choose to buy a castle as lord and manage your urbanites when your popularity spreads all over the world. Anyway, anything is possible...