ABestClub Staking System

Reward of Staking

Reward of staking are one way we can give back to community members. Receives a staking dividend, special offers, promotions, and bonuses for ABestClub's games from ABestClub Token staking.
Users can choose when to staking and receive corresponding rewards. In the future, staking the ABestClub Token will give you the right to vote and speak using it.
Tokens 140,000,000 will be unlocked quarterly over 20 years, and the staking was deposited at 10% fee into the staking unlock quota for all users to dig. There is no charge waiting for 7 days to exit. Forced withdrawal charges 10% deposit the current quarterly unlock quota for all users to dig.
Players exchange the staking for the crystals, and the purchase ratio of crytals vary depending on the number and time dynamic changes of the player. The number of crystals determines the speed at which ABestClub Token is produced. After the user releases the staking, the amount will be returned and the number of crystals will be cleared.